Makeup Q & A

What is Airbrushed Makeup?

Airbrushed makeup is water based, silicone or alcohol based (Alcohol make-up is only used on the body, not on the face). This product is specially formulated to be sprayed on with a small compressor. The air gun is a pen like device that sprays dots of makeup all over the face to give the skin a sheer and natural semi-matte finish and flawless look to the skin. Airburshed makeup is only water resistant and not water proof.

How long can I expect my makeup to last?

Our staff of experienced professional makeup artists have their application techniques down to a science to ensure the longest staying power possible for those important bridal photos. We use top quality products, primers and sealers. The products we use are cry-proof, kiss-proof and humidity proof makeup that will last throughout day and the night. On the wedding night, I had one bride state to me, that her husband thought she had applied new make-up to get into the Hot tub!

What are the differences between standard/traditional make-up foundation and Airbrushed Makeup foundation?

Traditional foundation is in the form of a liquid, a powder or a cream. Airbrushed makeup is lightweight. It is sprayed on in small micro beads or dots of foundation and has excellent coverage by using less makeup. It is a natural,yet radiant and flawless look to the skin. A “less is more” approach to a foundation application. Airbrushed foundation and body makeup has been the “Best Kept Secret” in Hollywood, Film and TV for years.

Makeup Tip

You can get a flawless look with traditional foundation makeup application (depending on the products you use/buy), but from time to time you will need to touch up your makeup. Our professional suggest you use these three types of powders: Blotting Powder (oiler skin types), Foundation Powder (all skin types-more coverage) and Loose Powder (a light dusting to set the make-up). It is important to remember that regular/traditional make-up has a life to it and it’s life can be extended by the techniques of a professional makeup artist. Airbrushed foundation alleviates the worry of having to touch-up at all throughout the day or night.

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