How much should you budget for wedding hair and makeup?

Sarasota wedding hair and makeup how to budget
Wedding hair and makeup should be viewed as a necessary budget item(s) when planning your wedding. Your hair and makeup professionally done for your important day should take top precedence as with your Venue, Flowers, Food and Photographer, and should be one of the first services you book, not the last or at all. Hair and makeup should make a Bride feel beautiful and encompass her vision for her wedding day. Hairstyles as hair length can range in styles from the hair being worn with curls, waves and all down, half up & half down, Classic updo, messy updo, side pony with curls, low bun, high bun, side bun, etc. You’ll want to make sure that if you are wearing a veil, it coordinates with your dress and hair style. Some dresses and hair styles do not need a veil as it takes away from the dress, hair and overall look you are trying to achieve. A headpiece with some Rhinestones and Pearls, Rhinestone headband and cage veil works well for some brides, dresses and hair styles. Bridal salons usually have a nice assortment of hair adornments to choose from, other then veils.

Makeup style varies as well, soft romantic look, smokey eye look, natural look, all worn with false lashes to pop the eyes in photographs. Stick to non shimmery eyeshadows as the soft shades complement your eye and skin color, and photograph well. Doing your own makeup and hair for your wedding can be stressful, time consuming and overall is not a good idea especially for your photographs. The makeup and hair person your hire should have a minimum of 7 years experience in the wedding industry. As licensed hair stylists we pay a lot of money for our license and the continuing education to retain that status as a professional. Choose wisely your hair and makeup professional, make sure the hair stylist is licensed in the state you are getting married in, and your makeup person has a minimum of 5 -7 years doing makeup professionally. Try not to use the department store makeup counters for your wedding day even tho the price may be free or minimal, they are not trained as professional licensed stylist and makeup artists. Therefore your makeup look can be disastrous at best. Lastly, I suggest a hair and or makeup trial run with any of the professional wedding hair & makeup people you may consider hiring for your special day.

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